I’m your voice Venezuela: Lejos pero no ausente

Venezuela is in her climax of the sovereignty and I reject any act of violence that is generated in my country, as I’ve always done.

Considering the violent repression of protests against students and people in Venezuela, several communities of Venezuelans that resides in cities and towns across the world they are together in spaces like embassies and some typical streets, to let the world know what is happening in our country. 

Venezuelans around the worldMore images at: Im Your Voice Venezuela

With the unique intention of spreading the message and protesting against the government, please check out on Twitter: #sosVenezuela, #PrayforVenezuela, #ImyourvoiceVenezuela)

The «Policía Nacional Bolivariana» and the «Guardia Nacional» continue their efforts to put down the protests with tear gas, plastic balls and something worse that we arent aware of right now. Three persons have been confirmed as shot dead (by now), and hundreds have gone missing, arrested, tortured are awaiting trial awaiting a trial to be on jail.

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The Protests in Venezuela are now in their 5th consecutive day and show no intentions to stop until the government propose solutions to our real problems. Tomorrow (February, 18), Leopoldo López, call a peaceful march to the “Ministerio del Interior y Justicia” (Ministry of the Interior and Justice), after the strong accusations of the current President Nicolás Maduro.

If you want to know more, please watch this video  >>>VENEZUELA

I‘ll be continuing informing to the world what‘s happening in Venezuela, knowing the facts that the government controlled all communications paths, including twitter since the last few days. This is my contribution to my country… Please, if you know a Venezuelan, please SPREAD IT TO THE WORLD!

PD: Si eres venezolano y estás en el exterior, por favor envíame la información de las próximas concentraciones.

Gritemos con brío: 
¡Muera la opresión! 
Compatriotas fieles, 
la fuerza es la unión

Lelo Quevedo



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